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How to Read Your Electric Meter
Your electric meter is a device the utility company uses to measure the amount of electricity used in your home or apartment. One day of each month, the utility company reads the meter. The utility company creates your electric bill by calculating the numbers recorded from the meter. The total sum is recorded as kilowatt-hours (kWh). This is the power you consumed during a monthly period.

The first step to begin conserving the energy you consume in your home is to know how much energy you actually use. The best way is to read your own meter. The utility company that supplies your power can assist you in understanding how your bill is generated from the readings taken. Understanding the billing system will help you understand what and how much is charged per kilowatt-hour. If you discover a difference between your reading and the utility company’s reading, don’t hesitate to contact the company. It’s possible for a mistake to lead to an overcharge on your electric bill.

Special notice: For your safety, never try to adjust any electric meter on your own. If you see a problem with your meter contact the utility company at once. The meter belongs to the utility company.

How to read your electric meter:

Now, let’s compare this number to the previous month’s electrical bill. The previous month’s bill had a reading of 17234. By subtracting 17234 from the current reading of 18356, we get a difference of 1122.

Using this example, the meter above has used 1,122 kilowatt-hours (kWh) since the last reading of the electrical meter.

The utility company sets a charge per kilowatt-hour, let’s say 0.06 cents. This charge will be spelled out on your bill. At 0.06 cents, your bill would be approximately $67.32 for that month. Keep in mind, your calculation may be slightly different from your actual bill because you and the utility company may take readings on different days. But reading your meter regularly will allow you to identify any irregularities. Also keep in mind there are other charges included on your bill. An explanation of those charges will appear on your bill each month.

Now that you know how much energy you consume, ask Blue Sky Energy Systems how we can help you cut back in order to SAVE ENERGY & SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT.