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  • Cleveland Green Building Coalition - the Cleveland Green Building Coalition is a nonprofit organization created to inform civic, business and building industry leaders as well as the general public about the economic, health and aesthetic benefits of green building.
  • Green Energy Ohio - not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally and economically sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio
  • United States Green Building Council - A leading non-profit organization in the dedicated to sustainable building design and construction. Developers of the LEED building rating system.
  • United States Department of Energy - DOE gateway portal providing links to energy content on health, home, transportation, schools, business, community, world and future.
  • Entrepreneurs for Sustainability - (E4S) has attracted a diverse community of entrepreneurial leaders who are inspired to work together to build a sustainable economy in Northeast Ohio.
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Gary Cole ~ Winner of
Energy Champion Award

You Might Like To Know That
After net metering became law in Ohio, Gary Cole negotiated the confusing new possibility to have his system become the first in the City of Cleveland to be net metered and intertied to the local utility grid. It’s truly a sight, on a sunny day, to watch Gary’s electric meter spinning backwards, as his system pumps electricity into the power grid!

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