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Energy Champion ~ Entrepreneurs for Sustainability

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2003 Energy Champion

Entrepreneurs for Sustainability

WINNER: Gary Cole


Champion: Gary Cole and Erika Weliczko– eQuality Electrical Services
(Nominated by: Jayme Lucas – City of Shaker Heights)

I would like to nominate Gary Cole and Erika Weliczko, of E-Quality Electric, for the energy industry "Sustainability Champion" award. Their accomplishments as I see them:

They have worked to create an alliance of "green contractors" to help set local industry standards for green building, educate contractors new to the green building technology, and to educate the public on green building.

They have worked tirelessly to bring the movement "into the mainstream", which was demonstrated throughout the year at various events including your organization, the Cleveland Green Building Coalition, and the City of Shaker Heights.

Their assistance has been critical to Shaker's efforts. They have testified before our City Council in support of the passage of the green building legislation, they have attended and/or presented at least 3 City workshops on energy efficiency, and they have been "sounding boards" for programs such as the newly launched "Go Green" Rebate program. All of this work was done on a voluntary basis. I have come to see them as partners in my efforts at Shaker Heights.

They have never failed to come through, whether it was attending a meeting, presenting to the public, or providing me with feedback. They have talked to a total of at least 48 residents about the principles of green building and energy efficiency at City sponsored workshops, as well as educating me and other staff members. While much of what they did for Shaker came under the auspices of their non-profit "Green Contractors", they also represented an exciting small business partnership. (which they just formed this year, as well)

Champion: Gary Cole - eQuality Electrical Services
(Nominated by: Dan Conway – Great Lakes Brewing)

I nominate Gary Cole, a true inspiration for anyone... Anecdotally, I recall at one of the early meetings at our place he asked where we could run an extension chord for his electric car. I knew then he was committed to something larger than himself.

Champion: Gary Cole - eQuality Electrical Services
(Nominated by: Jim LaRue – The House Menders, Inc)

I would like to nominate Gary Cole for one of your hero awards. Gary is fully dedicated to sustainability in both his life and his work. His years of work with GEO, his recent efforts to lead the creation of the Green Contractors Association, and his continual effort to help homeowners and businesses who use his electrical services learn more about making their homes and work places more sustainable, are prime examples of this commitment.

He is forever experimenting on their own home in his relentless search for the living space that does less harm to our environment and its residents!! His gentle spirit makes him an effective "encourager". His wonderful sense of humor (mostly about himself) is infectious and helps teach all of us how to take this work seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously.

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Specialty Electrician: Gary Cole - The Early Days

You Might Like To Know That
After net metering became law in Ohio, Gary Cole negotiated the confusing new possibility to have his system become the first in the City of Cleveland to be net metered and intertied to the local utility grid. It’s truly a sight, on a sunny day, to watch Gary’s electric meter spinning backwards, as his system pumps electricity into the power grid!


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