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Gary Cole

The founder of Blue Sky Energy Systems, Gary Cole, is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor and began his career in the electrical field in 1988.

He is committed to promoting the cost effective, sustainable benefits of healthy, energy efficient green buildings and homes.



  • State Electrical License #16048

  • Electronics - 2 year certificate from Hickok Technical School

  • Solar Electric - PV (photovoltaic) advanced design and installation course from Midwest Renewable Energy Association


  • Enviro Beginnings – When contacted by an environmental group advocating utility scale wind power in 1997, Gary began his transition into a complete mind set of advocacy of sustainable living practices. The great minds involved in Green Energy Ohio (then SEED Ohio) were very influential in raising his awareness of the best known science assessments of the impacts of current human activity on the earth's finite energy resources. The focus of this group was on the problems associated with energy production and the solutions offered through renewable energy.

  • Green Building Enters the Scene – In 2002, Gary "re-energized" his work in standard electrical contracting with the intent of venturing into the solar PV market as it emerged. Soon after that he discovered the green building movement thru Sadhu Johnston and his Cleveland Green Building Coalition. The marketability of energy efficiency and other aspects associated with "green building" became a very attractive avenue for Blue Sky Energy Systems to pursue. The focus at that time shifted to that endeavor, of which solar electric systems are just one component.

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Gary Cole ~ Winner of
Energy Champion Award


His interest in the ‘Precautionary Principle’ as the foundation for sustainable reasoning provides the level of commitment that motivates him in his daily focus on advancing sustainable living practices. The European Union and most of the global environmental movement has adapted this principal to basically state -

IF: there is even small possibility that current human activity could cause catastrophic harm to the ability of future generations of humans to enjoy the same quality of live that we share now,
AND: there is an economically sound method to begin changing our living practices while still maintaining or even increasing our quality of life,
THEN: we should move forward with that transition.

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